The Blue Riley community includes a wide variety of professionals with different experience levels across a multitude of industries.  Backgrounds, personal, and professional views may vary.  These guidelines can help you, as a user, and the rest of the community gain the most from your experience on this site.

Follow the Basic Rules of the Community - including the Terms of Use.

Core Requirements:

1.   Respect the Community (individually and collectively)

2.  Stay focused on the relevant

Respect the Community:  Each Blue Riley user agrees to take responsibility for ensuring that the content/ feedback provided is appropriate for the community as a whole.  Users must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.  If you are unsure if your material is appropriate, please do not post it.

Stay Focused on the Relevant:  Blue Riley encourages broad sharing of professional content.  Users are encouraged to share original content and facilitate the growth of other members of the Blue Riley community.

The below activity is not permitted at any time:

Blue Riley users may not harass or bully other users.  Hate speech or attacks (directly or indirectly) of any kind are not acceptable behaviors.  Any derogatory or hateful comments based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity is expressly prohibited.  Users engaging in prohibited behavior or activities are subject to immediate removal from access to the site.

1.  Sharing or posting adult or sexualized content, sexually explicit material, or vulgar content.

2. Sharing or posting content that exploits children, targets children sexually, or abuses children in any way.

3. Content that promotes violent or criminal behavior or like activities.

4. Content that may defraud or impersonate others.